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Awards and Recognition
Indiana Computer Educators Awards
Jon Carl has been named the ICE Teacher of the Year for 2008.
Terry Hughes has been named the ICE Technology Education Advocate for 2008.
Terry Hughes has also become a Discovery Star Educator.
By special request We provide this link to Terry Hughes' local Movie Theaters Past website.
More Awards for Jon
Jon Carl was named Indiana's American Star of Teaching for 2007 by the US Department of Education. See the press release.
Jon Carl was named to the National School Boards Association's list of "20 to Watch." He was presented the award in mid-October 2007 at the Technology and Learning Conference in Nashville, TN.
Jon Carl has been named the Caleb Mills History Educator of the Year by the Indiana Historical Society.
Awards for Feel the History
Feel the History is a recipient of a Rotary/Public Education Foundation grant for the 2007-2008 school year.
Feel the History presented at the Technology Expo on Saturday, March 15th 2009 at Ivy Tech Community College. The Expo was sponsored by the Public Education Foundation, the EVSC, IVY Tech, Toyota, and Discovery Education.
Jon Carl and Terry Hughes presented at the Great Lakes Regional Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies in February 2008.
Jon Carl, Rob Spear, and Terry Hughes presented a concurrent session at the Indiana Computer Educators 2008 Conference January 25, 2008. Click to see our ICE 2008 Page.
Feel the History Presented at the Indiana Council of History Educators in 2007. Click to see the PowerPoint used by Jon Carl and Terry Hughes.
Feel the History Episodes to Air on WNIN
Each episode will air first on 9.1 and be repeated on other WNIN channels. Check local programming.
Episode 701: July 8, 2012 on WNIN 9.1
  • The crimes and murder trial of Leslie Irvin, dubbed the "Mad Dog Killer." The segment also looks at the appeals process which went all the way to the Supreme Court.
  • The history of race and the Evansville Bar Association. This segment details Evansville's racial views during the 1950's and 1960's and how those views were reflected in the legal community. Former Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard is interviewed in this segment.
  • Evansville Red Cross World War II Canteen. This segment provides an overview of the way the Evansville community came together through the Red Cross Canteen to serve those fighting during World War II.
Episode 702: July 15, 2012 on WNIN 9.1
  • The glory days of University of Evansville basketball. This segment provides an overview from 1959 to 1971 of the University of Evansville Basketball Team, which won five College Division National Championships.  
  • Robert's Stadium, Evansville's home for entertainment. The segment provides an overview of the stadium construction and chronicles some of the memorable events that took place there. These events include sporting events, concerts, and even the Shrine circus.
Episode 703: July 22, 2012 on WNIN 9.1
  • The disbarment trial of Frank LaMonte during World War I.  LaMonte was the Socialist candidate for mayor in 1917.  He was disbarred for unpatriotic statements regarding World War I.
  • The Death Penalty. This segment gives an overview of the history of the death penalty. The piece focuses on capital cases in Vanderburgh County beginning with the case of John Harvey in 1823 to the Mathew Eric Wrinkles execution in 2009.
  • The reign of Evansville's Mayor Benjamin Bosse. The piece will give an overview of Bosse's greatest contributions to Evansville as well as many of the scandals with which he was associated.
Episode 704: July 29, 2012 on WNIN 9.1
  • Hume Redman and vigilante justice. The segment tells the story of Hume Redmen, a Mt. Vernon, Indiana man accused of killing his wife, and the lynch mob that followed him to Evansville where he was killed.
  • The Victory Theater. This piece gives an overview on the rich history of the Victory Theater. It follows the theater through many phases, including its time as a vaudeville house and silent movie theater, its time as a theater of Hollywood's Golden Age, a teenage club, and finally home to the Evansville Philharmonic.
  • The Assassination  of Russell Lloyd. The segment looks briefly at the career of Mayor Lloyd.  It then focuses on his murder, the investigation, and trial of Julie Van Orden. 
Feel the History Students Win National Contests
Magna 2009
Feel the History has been named the Grand Prize Winner for school districts over 20,000 population in the 2009 American School Board Journal's Magna Awards competition sponsored by Sodexo School Services.
Click for the journal article on Feel the History's award.

Click to go to the Magna site to learn more about the award itself
Adobe Recognizes Feel the History
A team of Feel the History students won first place in the Adobe School Innovation Awards. 2008 graduates Rick Yeager, Kourtney Bryant, Chris Deig and Craig Austin submitted the winning entry in the Film and Video category of the first Adobe School Innovation Awards program. Click for more information and to see the winning video.
Adobe Adobe has also recognized Feel the History as an Education Success Story featured on its web site. Here is the Education Success Story Link, and here is the specific article about Feel the History. Here is the article as a PDF.
Adobe Terry Hughes will be presenting about Feel the History at the Adobe booth at ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia in June of 2011. Jon Carl was scheduled to go also, but he has elected to stay home to spend some time with this newborn daughter, Brinkley.
Feel the History 2.0
For the 2010-2011 school year, Mr. Jeremy Villines of F. J. Reitz High School will be the classroom instructor for Feel the History 2.0. Mr. Villines will lead the class in its transition into high definition video editing. On October 21, 2010 the Vanderburgh County Bar Association held a press conference at the old Vanderburgh County Courthouse to announce, among other events, a new partnership with Feel the History. More information is in the following link. E-EVSC-News-10-26-2010
Feel the History Interviews the Chief Justice
Interviewing Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall Shephard at the press conference
announcing the partnership between the Vanderburgh County Bar Association and Feel the History
Feel the History 2.1c
After two years as FJ Reitz' eLearning Coach, Jon Carl is returning to the classroom where he will once again be the classroom teacher for Feel the History. Jon has some interesting projects lined up for the 2011-2012 school year. Welcome back, Jon.
Riverside Drive in Evansville, Indiana during the 1937 Flood Feel the History as Podcasts
The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library hosts some podcasts of the individual Feel the History episodes. Josh Weiland has prepared the podcasts which are available at http://evpl.org/feelthehistory/ .
Feel the History episodes completed during the first year of Jon's absence. (All projects were begun the previous year.)
Willard Library Presented Episode 401 on November 9, 2009 at 7:00 PM at Willard Library, 21 First Avenue, Evansville, IN 47710.
Episode 401: Willard Library, Evansville Marine Reserve Activation for Korea
Episode 402: Abraham Lincoln's Indiana Boyhood
FtH student interviewing William Bartelt, author of There I Grew Up. Mr. Bartelt's book is about Abraham Lincoln's boyhood years in Indiana. The interview is at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, Lincoln City, IN.  
Episode 403: The History of Brewing in Evansville, The Extinction and Reintroduction of Whitetail Deer in Indiana, and the Legacy of Clifford Shopbell
Feel the History episodes completed during the 2010-2011 school year are on display at the kiosk in the museum section of the Old Vanderburgh County courtroom renovation. (more about that to come)
Feel the History Critical Reviews and Premieres
Critical Review
To be scheduled soon To be scheduled soon
Critical Reviews are at 8:00 AM at the Technology and Innovation Center, 951 Walnut Street, Evansville, IN 47713 • (812) 435-5290.
Premieres are at 11:00 AM in the Media Center of F. J. Reitz High School, 350 Dreier Blvd. • Evansville , IN 47712 • (812) 435-8206. Check this site for updates about Premieres. At times they occur at different locations and times.
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