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In Feel the History, students at F. J. Reitz High School in Evansville, Indiana use the latest in video and computer technology to produce history documentaries that will air on our local PBS station, WNIN.
From Jon Carl

Feel the History is a totally different way of teaching U.S. History.   The hope is to capture my slogan and bring it to life.  I have used the phrase “Feel the History” since the beginning of my teaching career.  When describing the feelings I have in a historic building or at a historically significant sight, I told my students that I could “Feel the History."  With the sights, sounds, and smells of the place, you can also envision what happened there.  In this new class, we will build a connection between the students and the curriculum.  In a totally different approach, we are going to turn kids on to history by turning them into historians. They will be producing short history documentaries and will be responsible for every phase of production.    From developing the topics to conducting the research, to gathering primary sources, to interviewing experts and editing footage, students will take ownership of every step of the process.  This class will be an exciting journey for my students and me as we learn new technology and explore different historic topics.

Feel the History students provide a video explanation of what Feel the History is.
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