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Mr. Hughes' Recommendations for Help with the Technology
Izzy Video -- good site for the basics of video photography, lighting, sound, editing and other aspects of videography
Virginia Tech -- the Art of Shooting Video -- I particularly recommend this site for a nice visual explanation of shooting for video.
Video University -- web site with hundreds of articles about the various aspects of shooting and editing video, including audio, high definition video, and advise on editing
Butte College Video Productions -- ugly site with some useful information, particularly the definition of terms.
Mr. Hughes' examples of famous movie shots for photo composition.
Shirt Stuff
Music Copyright Sites from Mr. Hughes
ASCAP -- The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Do the ACE Title Search
BMI - Broadcast Music Incorporated. Search the Catalog on the opening page.
SESAC - Society of European Stage Authors & Composers. Search is on the Top Menu on the Home Page
Music Boot Camp -- explains Performance Rights Organizations

"Yakety Sax" search on BMI

SONY/ATV TREE PUBLISHING owns the copyright and the song is registered on BMI as "Yakety Saxe". The contact information is on the link.
Mr Carl's Recommendations for Help with History and Research
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